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Transform Your Sales Career

Welcome to TA Sales. Our mission is to positively impact sales professionals everyday.


We believe the old way of doing sales training is outdated. It's harder than ever for salespeople to achieve their goals. Just learning tactics isn't enough anymore. 

We know that when you build skills, develop yourself and have a like-minded community around you, you can be unstoppable. 

Master Your Sales Game

Get 1% Better Everyday

Find Your Tribe


Our Services

Our motto is that, for any sales professional or leader that's struggling, "we have the solution". Whether it's out free content, a tactical bootcamp, work on the Inner Game or an all-in sales retreat, we're here to serve you. 

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Sales Bootcamps

Sales training like you've never done before: our cohort-based courses blend sales tactics, the inner game and community to help you find your next level. 

These include classroom teaching, office hours, and badass guest speakers.

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Team Training

We offer customized team training programs that are tailored to your specific needs. Our training programs are designed to improve your team's sales skills and help them achieve their targets.

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"Coaching As A Service"

Sales leaders are strapped for time and need help. Our experts can step in as an "interim manager" and an extension to your team to make sure they get the coaching they need to be successful. 

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On-Demand Content

Our on-demand content library is designed to provide you with the information and resources you need to succeed. From sales tips to industry insights, our library has everything you need to take your sales game to the next level.

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Speaking Engagements

Ditch the old sales "guru" who wrote a book 3 decades ago and hasn't been in the fields since cell phones were invented.


We deliver tactical strategies that both entertain and educate the audience on how to get to the next level of their sales career.

Our Clients

We have served nearly 1,000 sales professionals and leaders at some of the top organizations in the world.


Here are a few of them: 

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Our Team.

Don't Take It From Us...


Justin Welsh

Founder, The Saturday Solopreneur
Former CRO, PatientPop

I've been watching Tom grow for years and his passion for helping young sales professionals is unmatched. I couldn't be more excited about him launching this project because it's going to bring valuable insights to improve the profession. If you're looking for actionable strategies from someone in the trenches who genuinely cares about the success of fellow salespeople, then this cohort is for you.

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Scott Leese

6x Sales Leader,
4X Founder

There is a known gap in sales coaching. If you're not getting what you need where you are today, it's on you to go find what you need. Finding people who are doing it [and doing it well] has never been easier. Tom has figured it out and wants to give back to the community. I will support that every step of the way. Coaching, support, community and results. Everyone could use help, so be sure and get it here.


VP of Sales


Tom is hands down the hardest working and most infectious sales professional I’ve worked with in my career. His positive attitude and unparalleled effort day in and day out is unmatched. He has a growth mindset and cares deeply about the success of his family, friends, colleagues and customers.


Account Executive


I'm absolutely blown away by the amount of value packed into these 6 weeks. Tom is the real deal, pulling from years of his own experience in the trenches and packaging it up into actionable takeaways week after week. If you're looking for email writing, prospecting, time management, community, amazing guest speakers, and to generally level up your sales game - this one's for you.


Chief Revenue Officer


I highly recommend Tom and glad to discuss what we did for my team.  Our ROI is tenfold just on a few tips that were gamechangers.

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