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Transform Your Sales Career

Who is Kaizen Collective For?

Many great sales professionals are struggling right now. 

 They're working longer hours, feeling unfulfilled - and only 31% are achieving quota. 

Whether it's an SDR in their first year or a tenured AE, they're feeling more burned out, less proud of their work and are unable to achieve the greatness they're capable of. 

With most sales leaders too busy to actually coach these salespeople, they're left with 3 choices: 

Kaizen = "Continuous Improvement"

The truth is that nothing changes unless you change.

The best salespeople know that great achievements don't happen overnight. 

The greatest accomplishments happen by getting 1% Better Every Day. 

​If this message hits home, keep reading. 

Here's How It Works.


Sales & Personal Development Training 


Each week we will have training calls to help you up-level your sales craft and develop your mental performance and habits. Most of our sales wins actually happens because of what's happening in our mind.


Weekly calls and dedicated bootcamps will be jam-packed with frameworks and templates to help you master the skills of an unbeatable sales professional. 


  1. Time & Energy Management 

  2. Cold Call + Cold Email Mastery 

  3. Masterful Discovery

  4. Product Demos and Storytelling 

  5. Objection Handling 

  6. Multi-threading and Selling With Champions 

  7. Negotiating & Closing 

  8. Win The Day With Morning & Evening Routines

  9. Do Hard Shit With An Annual Misogi

  10. Developing Winning Habits 

  11. How Mindfulness Can Help You Sell More & Achieve Peace

  12. Goal Setting The Warren Buffet Way




Coach & Support System

A sales career comes with many ups and downs that are hard to tackle.


We have dedicated ​coaches ready to support you both on any sales needs as well as everything else that comes up in life.


  1. Dedicated coaching from some of the best salespeople and leaders in the world 

  2. The Tommy Tahoe Book Club to help you become a learning machine

  3. Quarterly Gifts to help you be a better seller 

  4. Monthly Deal Room to get coaching on active deals

  5. Monthly "Office Hours" with Tom to ask him anything ​



Find Your Tribe

"Lone Wolfing It" can only get you so far. Trust us: we've tried it.


Nobody can do it alone. Join a community of like-minded peers on the journey with you.  



  1. Access to the 24/7 Slack community with like-minded salespeople

  2. Deep conversations with peers & accountability buddies that hold you to a high standard and support you when you're down. 

  3. Discounted access to an Annual Retreat to truly connect with fellow members of the program

  4. Accountability buddy set up to help you achieve your goals 

  5. Opportunity to appear as a guest on the Millennial Sales Podcast


Here's What You Get:

Pricing Options:

  - $3,999/Year (2 months free) 

  - $399/Month

Weekly Training Calls

Live calls each week to help you learn more about pipeline generation, pipeline closing and getting 1% better everyday 

Expert Coaching

Direct training and coaching from some of the best salespeople and sales leaders in the world to up-level your game. 

Moderated Community

Live Slack community filled with like-minded people looking to become the best version of themselves. 

Office Hours & Community Calls

Ongoing calls to help you in real-life situations like Ask Me Anythings,  Deal Reviews, Call Coaching, First Time Manager Workshops, Call Blitzes and More! 

On-Demand Content

Access to 20+ hours of on-demand content from TA Sales (more added each month) 

Mastermind Retreats & Pop-Up Local Events

Heavily discounted rate for an Annual Retreat for members to get together and grow in-person and pop up events happening all over the country! 

Limited Time Bonus! (until April 30)

1) Get free gifts & swag from the TA Sales team to help you crush quota 

2) Join the Tommy Tahoe Book Club to become a learning machine and hold you accountable each quarter 

3) Get Personalized 1:1 Onboarding Call with Tom Alaimo to kick off your program 

4) Join as a guest on the Millennial Sales Podcast with Tom to help grow your brand 

The Team


Almost 1,000 sellers are Raving Fans of our trainings.


Get to know a few of them here:

Let's Chat

Still not ready? 

A Note From Our Founder...

​Who am I? Well, I could start with some of my sales accomplishments: 

  • 10+ year sales career from "slinging Cutco blades" door to door to a top rep at one of the fastest growing software companies in the world, Gong. 

  • Grew my personal income from $40k to $300k in 6 years

  • Generated and sold $15M in products and services 

  • Never missed a President's Club 

  • Ran a Top 200 Business Podcast on Apple and interviewed Hall of Fame Athletes, Top CEOs, and even the Wolf of Wall St.

  • Runs marathons, hiked the vertical equivalent of Mt Everest in a day and went back country hiking with a Navy SEAL.

  • Deeply committed to being a "learning machine" and have spent thousands of hours and $100k+ on coaches, seminars, books and courses (still going!)

And that's all cool. But I didn't moonwalk my way to success. It came through a lot of hard times... 

  • Had 0 tech or sales connections when I started 

  • Worked every weekend and evening of my mid-20s on my sales + podcast career 

  • Was deathly afraid of cold calling and even hung up on prospects to avoid selling to them 

  • Said 0 words on my first ever meeting (spoiler: we lost the deal)

  • Had a panic attack in the office in 2019 

I know what it's like to be at an all-time high and making more money than I knew what to do with. 

I also know what it's like to feel lonely, miserable and like I'm a hamster spinning around on a wheel with no end in sight. 


The good news is that it's not always a massive change that's needed - but rather, a system of daily activities and support that can get you 1% better everyday


Let me show you how I help people turn around their slumps and have the best year of their sales career.




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