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Have The Best Year Of Your Sales Career Without Selling Your Soul.

PS - Try it risk-free with 14-day "no questions asked" refund policy



Top performers treat their sales skills as a craft, not just a job. Like Steph Curry on the practice court or a concert pianist in the studio, they know that their ability to generate and close pipeline can provide infinite opportunities. 



The single greatest factor in anyone's success is what goes on in their mind. The average human has 60,000 thoughts per day, with 75% of them being negative. Working on our "Inner Game" can change not only our sales game but every aspect of our lives. 



Nobody is "self made". Most ambitious people are willing to work hard on the first two areas nut try to "lone wolf" it. Finding a like-minded community of people can bring exponential growth - and better mental health - to any top performer. 

The Most Successful Salespeople Master 3 Things

The Inner Game of Sales is a cohort-based course to help Sales Professionals have the best year of their career without selling their soul.

But unlike other sales courses, you won't learn passively - you'll learn frameworks you need with live coaching from experts and a community of like-minded people to help you unlock a new level.

What You Need To Know

Weekly Training


This is not one of those courses that is just a bunch of YouTube videos stitched together. 

We do two 60-minute calls per week. One is focused on a Sales Craft topic and one is focused on an "Inner Game" topic.

Learn From Experts


This will not be a bunch of Zoom calls with one person talking at you the entire time.


We're gathering some of the best salespeople and leaders we know to guest speak on these sessions and help coach you. 

Do It In Community


Making change is hard. It's even harder when you try to do it alone. 

This course will provide time and safe space to connect with others on the challenges you're having. 

Love from a few SaaS sales legends.


Justin Welsh

Founder, The Saturday Solopreneur, 475,000+ LinkedIn Followers

"I've been watching Tom grow for years and his passion for helping young sales professionals is unmatched. I couldn't be more excited about him launching this project because it's going to bring valuable insights to improve the profession. If you're looking for actionable strategies from someone in the trenches who genuinely cares about the success of fellow salespeople, then this cohort is for you."

scott frame.png

Scott Leese

6x Sales Leader, 4X Founder,100,000+ LinkedIn Followers

There is a known gap in sales coaching. If you're not getting what you need where you are today, it's on you to go find what you need. Finding people who are doing it [and doing it well] has never been easier. Tom has figured it out and wants to give back to the community. I will support that every step of the way. Coaching, support, community and results. Everyone could use help, so be sure and get it here.

Here's How It Works.


Sales Craft

One call each week will be jam-packed packed with frameworks and templates to help you master the skills of an unbeatable sales professional. 


  1. Time & Energy Management 

  2. Prospecting 

  3. Discovery

  4. Product Demos and Storytelling 

  5. Objection Handling 

  6. Multi-threading and Selling With Chmpions 

  7. Negotiating & Closing 



The Inner Game

The other call each week will focus on the Inner Game. Even if you have the best sales script, you're going to fall short if your mental health is off. 


  1. Set A Vision For Your Life & Career 

  2. Move From Your Head To Your Heart 

  3. Win The Day With Morning & Evening Routines

  4. Do Hard Shit With An Annual Misogi

  5. Don't Take Things Personally With The Four Agreements 

  6. Using Stoicism To Focus On What You Can Control 

  7. Take Control With Career Insurance



Nobody can do it alone. Join a community of like-minded peers on the journey with you.  



  1. Access to the 24/7 Slack community with dozens of like-minded salespeople

  2. Deep conversations with peers that hold you to a high standard and support you when you're down. 

  3. Opportunity for 1:1 coaching and feedback from Tom Alaimo & guest speakers

  4. Past guests of TA Sales training include Ian Koniak, Samantha McKenna, Justin Welsh, Zoe Hartsfield, Brandon Fluharety, Clara Johnson, Alex Kremer, Gabrielle Blackwell - any many more

The Inner Game of Sales Curriculum & Schedule 

Program Dates: 3/4-4/25
Live calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1 pm CT
(All calls are recorded and students get lifetime access to materials)

Week 1.

1) Master Time & Energy Management

2) Setting A Vision For Your Career and Life

Week 2.

1) How To Build A Prospecting Machine

2) Selling From The Heart


Week 3.

1) Run A World-Class Discovery Call

2) Win The Day With Your Morning & Evening Routines

Week 4.

1) Run A Product Demo Like A Ninja

2) Do Hard Sh*t With An Annual Misogi


Week 5.

1) How To Handle Any Objection That Comes Your Way

2) Using The Four Agreements To Find Peace In The Unknown

Week 6.

1) Selling WITH Prospects & Deal Management

2) Focus On What You Can Control: Stoicism In Sales 


Week 7.

1) How To Negotiate And Close The Deal

2) Build "Career Insurance"

Week 8.

Closing Ceremonies & Integrating Into The Real World

Learn From Masters of Sales & The Inner Game


Over 500 sellers are Raving Fans of our trainings.


Get to know a few of them here:

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