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Build A Massive Pipeline In 30 Days
Next Cohort starts 4/30

PS - Try it risk-free with 14-day "no questions asked" refund policy

Do you feel like you're waking up everyday and "winging it" in your prospecting efforts? 

Is your manager pushing you for "more calls and more emails", but not providing a clear strategy to follow?

Are you tired of unanswered emails, cold calls that go nowhere, and a fear that you won't hit quota this month/quarter/year?

Have you invested in on-demand courses and read sales books - but can't seem to figure out how to make consistent progress?

Any of these sound familiar?...7-Figure Prospecting was built for you.

7-Figure Prospecting is a cohort-based course that has taught 700+ SDRs, AEs, and Founders to build a successful outbound prospecting system.

But unlike other sales courses, you won't learn passively - you'll learn frameworks you need with a community of like-minded people and leave with a system to help you have the best sales year of your career.

Love from a few SaaS sales legends.


Justin Welsh

Founder, The Saturday Solopreneur, 475,000+ LinkedIn Followers

"I've been watching Tom grow for years and his passion for helping young sales professionals is unmatched. I couldn't be more excited about him launching this project because it's going to bring valuable insights to improve the profession. If you're looking for actionable strategies from someone in the trenches who genuinely cares about the success of fellow salespeople, then this cohort is for you."

scott frame.png

Scott Leese

6x Sales Leader, 4X Founder,100,000+ LinkedIn Followers

There is a known gap in sales coaching. If you're not getting what you need where you are today, it's on you to go find what you need. Finding people who are doing it [and doing it well] has never been easier. Tom has figured it out and wants to give back to the community. I will support that every step of the way. Coaching, support, community and results. Everyone could use help, so be sure and get it here.

Here's How It Works.


Become A Master Of Outbound Prospecting

Unlock a jam-packed curriculum packed with frameworks and templates that guarantee you'll become a proficient prospector.


  1. How to master time management so you can focus on what really matters

  2. How to use AI tools like ChatGPT to do more in less time

  3. Dead-simple prospecting frameworks you'll use to build your own strategy

  4. Outbound email frameworks to book meetings consistently (with dozens of examples!)

  5. Cold call scripts that will help you convert more conversations into meetings

  6. Use tools like Sales Navigator to supercharge your sales efforts

  7. Multi-channel sequences templates for you to copy and use starting today


Consistent Coaching & Support

Hands-on support that you wish your manager would give you.



  1. 10 live sessions covering everything you need to build predictable pipeline

  2. 2x weekly classroom sessions, live Q/A with Tom and guest speakers from some of the best people in SaaS sales

  3. Weekly materials from Tom that you can use to sharpen your skills, include real email templates and call scripts

  4. Lifetime access to all session recordings

  5. Direct access to Tom Alaimo for 1:1 coaching and feedback


Tap into your community

Join a community of like-minded peers on the journey with you.  



  1. Access to the 24/7 Slack community with dozens of like-minded salespeople

  2. Opportunity for 1:1 coaching and feedback from Tom Alaimo

  3. Invitation to guest speaker calls with some of the biggest names in SaaS sales

  4. Past guests include Ian Koniak, Samantha McKenna, Justin Welsh, Zoe Hartsfield, Brandon Fluharety, Clara Johnson, Alex Kremer, Gabrielle Blackwell - any many more

The 4 killers of pipeline generation.

Lack of Training

Most managers try to keep their salespeople inside a box when prospecting.


Their only advice? "More calls. More emails. Hit your metrics!" 



So many talented salespeople have had glimmers of success but fail to be consistent in their approach.


They end up "winging it" most days.

"Commission Breath"


"Commission Breath" is what your prospects smell when ALL you want is the sale.


This comes across on many cold emails and cold calls and makes it hard for a prospect to trust you.

Doing it alone.

It's so hard to handle the ups and downs of sales alone.


One of the biggest "career hacks is to find a community of like-minded people.

The 7-Figure Prospecting April/May 2024 Curriculum & Schedule 

Program Dates: 4/30-5/30
Live calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12 pm ET


Week 1.

Kicking Off, The Problem-Prospecting Formula & Cold Call Strategies That Convert.

Week 2.

Writing Cold Emails That Book Meetings Everyday & The Inner Game of Sales



Week 3.

Using Sales Tech To Your Advantage and Time Management Strategies.

Week 4.

How to Masterfully Handle Objections and Use Creativity To Build Pipeline.

Week 5.

Understanding Sales Math & Sales Sequence To Become A Pipeline Machine.


Live coaching every week.
A community to help you grow.
Get ready for the biggest pipeline you've ever had.

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The Team

Over 700 sellers have built massive pipelines using this framework.


Get to know a few of them here:

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