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For leaders who want to help their teams build massive pipelines and win more deals by running masterful discovery calls 

Love from a few SaaS sales legends.


Justin Welsh

Founder, The Saturday Solopreneur, 475,000+ LinkedIn Followers

"I've been watching Tom grow for years and his passion for helping young sales professionals is unmatched. I couldn't be more excited about him launching this project because it's going to bring valuable insights to improve the profession. If you're looking for actionable strategies from someone in the trenches who genuinely cares about the success of fellow salespeople, then this cohort is for you."

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Scott Leese

6x Sales Leader, 4X Founder,100,000+ LinkedIn Followers

There is a known gap in sales coaching. If you're not getting what you need where you are today, it's on you to go find what you need. Finding people who are doing it [and doing it well] has never been easier. Tom has figured it out and wants to give back to the community. I will support that every step of the way. Coaching, support, community and results. Everyone could use help, so be sure and get it here.

The 4 killers of pipeline generation.

Lack of Training

Most managers try to keep their salespeople inside a box when prospecting.


Their only advice? "More calls. More emails. Hit your metrics!" 



So many talented salespeople have had glimmers of success but fail to be consistent in their approach.


They end up "winging it" most days.

"Commission Breath"


"Commission Breath" is what your prospects smell when ALL you want is the sale.


This comes across on many cold emails and cold calls and makes it hard for a prospect to trust you.

Doing it alone.

It's so hard to handle the ups and downs of sales alone.


One of the biggest "career hacks is to find a community of like-minded people.

Over 560 sellers have built massive pipelines using my framework.


Get to know a few of them here:

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